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Cricketers and the Olympic sport they could play

Kevin Pietersen: Golf

The exiled England big-hitter, Kevin Pietersen is definitely still one of the cleanest hitters of the ball. We all loved it when he used to tonk the bowlers down the ground. And he hasn’t let that ability go to waste during the off season as well.

Ever since his forced retirement, Pietersen has been spending quite some time on the golf course and it really has paid off. Just like his bat swing, his golf swing also seems to be improving day by day as evident from his Instagram.

Many cricketers have taken up Golf after retirement but nobody has ever looked so serious at improving like KP does. With some more effort and time, he could well land up in the big league himself.

So that completes cricket-now’s contingent for cricketers participating in individual sports even if we don’t get to watch cricket in Olympics. What about yours? Mention your suggestions in comments!

Cricketers and the Olympic sport they could play
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