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IPL Betting | How to make money in IPL legally | IPL 2018 Predictions

make money in ipl

We know that you’re excited for the slam-bang action set to unfold on your TV sets over the next 2 months, but would you like to make money in IPL 2018 as well?

Finally, it’s that time of the year when all the cricket fans are in festive mode. However, the real celebrations are for the bookmakers who are laden with cash after the IPL is over. But you know what? You can be the one to burn a hole through their pockets and make a few bucks legally. Read on if you want to make money in IPL 2018.

Note: This post is based on personal experience. Feel free to point out any loopholes you find in the plan.


Will the RCB choke again?

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The easiest way to make money through bet365 is playing safe, that is what we recommend and are going to describe below.

The current rate (after SRH vs MI) for the outright winner is:
RCB 5.0, SRH 5.0, CSK 5.50, KKR 7.0, KXIP 7.5, MI 8.0, RR 11.0, DD 15.0
which means, for every 1000 Rs you bet on RCB for becoming the champions, you’ll get 5000 Rs. This translates to a profit of Rs 4000.

Tip: Let’s say you bet 2000 each on RCB, SRH and KKR, then

Total investment= Rs 6000
Return on RCB win: Rs 10000 => Rs 4000 Profit
Return on SRH win: Rs 10000 => Rs 4000 Profit
Return on KKR win: Rs 14000 => Rs 8000 Profit

So in this way, by playing safe and picking 3 teams out of 8 to win the title, you can be almost assured of making some profit.

This was an example taking Rs 1000 as token money, the more you risk, the more you make. All the best, Gamble responsibly!

Note: The minimum withdrawal from bet365 is Rs 4000, i.e., you cannot withdraw your money before it reaches the 4000 mark. Plus, there is an additional charge of Rs 250 per withdrawal since the money is transferred from the UK and it is all white money.

IPL Betting | How to make money in IPL legally | IPL 2018 Predictions
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