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The Rise of Babar Azam in Pakistan Cricket

The Pakistan side has always been mercurial and is known for hero worshipping their cricketers. The list of cricketing gods is endless, beginning with Javed Miandad, a batsmen known to have hit a winning six on the last ball of a game against India, their arch rival. This single achievement put him on a pedestal among the Pakistani greats. Then followed a succession of greats like Saeed Anwar and the lumbering giant Inzamam-ul-Haq.  Imran Khan, Waqar Younis  and Wasim Akram  wreaked havoc with their bowling and are all time greats of Cricket. With this kind of history, Babar Azam is certain to feel the pressure when compared with the luminaries of Pakistan cricket.

Babar-Azam-becomes-second-fastest-cricketer-to-slam-five-ODI centuries. Courtesy AFP

Babar Azam Scorecard

Till date the 22 year old Babar Azam has put up an impressive show. He is the second fastest cricketer to score five ODI centuries. He also stands second in scoring most ODI runs in the first 25 outings. Obviously, Babar Azam is being compared to Virat Kohli.

Comparison At This Stage Is Odious

Pakistan cricket is known to swing between extremes. At one moment they praise a cricketer and at the very next moment they tend to dump him. A case in point is Umar Akmal. What is required is to encourage this young batsman but also remind him that a place among the pantheon of Pakistan cricket can only be earned through consistent performance. Babar Azam is yet to show that he can perform under pressure. The game against India in the Champions Trophy will show where he actually belongs among the Pakistani cricketing greats.

The Rise of Babar Azam in Pakistan Cricket
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